EduShield 1.0

EduShield 1.0 is the result of the Arduino 101 project, which was attended by more than 400 participants in 2016.

This course was based on the Starter Shield from Seeedstudio which proved to be unsatisfactory in several aspects. This is why the authors decided to create their own educational shield in collaboration with CZ.NIC. The main goal was to create a device suitable for education of electronics and microcontrollers from the very basics to advanced topics:


The goal of the project is to help with teaching of electronics and programming on schools. In the first phase, we focus mainly on education of teachers who will then pass their knowledge further. EduShield is available in sufficient quantities since November 2016.

EduShield is accompanied by a series of examples and exercises including materials for techers. With EduShield, it is not necessary to connect components and look for errors in wiring and thus the lecture can focus on programming techniques and explanation of principles of design of electronic circuits.